Belgian flagWard De Vleeschhouwer

Ward De Vleeschhouwer

Ward De Vleeschhouwer began his piano training at the E. Hullebroeck Academy in his hometownof Ghent, Belgium. After graduating from the Academy, he continued his studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Ghent, studying piano with Claude Coppens and Daan Vandewalle, composition with Luc Brewaeys and Frank Nuyts, and improvisation with Peter Vermeersch. Further he followed piano masterclasses with Jan Michiels, Daniel Blumenthal, Mariko Kaneda, Thomas Rozenkrans and Tae Yoshioka.Besides Thelema Trio he was a member of the progressive chamber rockband Aranis. With these ensembles and as a soloist, Ward has played on prestigious festivals and renowned concert halls in Belgium (Flanders Festival, Bijloke concert hall and Ha’ - Gent), the Netherlands (November Music), Italy (Soundscape Festival), Japan (International Clarinet Festival in Tama Center), the USA (New Art and Music Festival Bowling Green - Ohio), Society of Composer Inc. National Conference, Greensboro-North Carolina), Peru ( 2nd & 3rd Festival internacional de Música Contemporánea - Lima), Germany (Freakparade ArtRock Festival II) Switzerland (Paul Klee Museum - Bern), France (Rock in Opposition festival) and Austria (Bösendorf Hall - Vienna). In 2013 his released his first solo album 'Chicha Morada', featuring Peruvian piano music.As a composer, Ward wrote for piano, chamber music, theater and film. Many of his titles have names of African masks such as Boki (2010), Warakun (2014) for piano solo and Goli (2009) for piano four hands. He received several commissions for theater projects (NUNC, Fabuleus Youth Theatre - “Forza”, Hugo Van Laere - ‘Voor Altijd!’). In 2012 he wrote the soundtrack for the film 'Lucien Hervé, photographer despite himself'. A film about the life and work of Lucien Hervé, one of the most influential photographers of 20th-century architecture. The movie received awards on international filmfestivals in Portugal, Turkey and Belgium.Ward also wrote for ensembles as Spectra Ensemble, Thelema Trio, Kugoni Trio and Aranis. Several of his works are recorded on CD. And some of his piano works are published with HrdScr Editions.

Peter Verdonck
(alto, tenor & baritone saxophone)

Peter Verdonck

Peter Verdonck started the study of the saxophone at the Music Academy of Turnhout with MarkVerdonck, which he continued at the music department of the Heilig Graf Institute in Turnhout.After finishing his high school in 1998, he moved to Ghent to study with Willy Demey at the RoyalConservatory. There he took courses in composition with Lucien Posman as well and he graduatedin June 2003 with highest honours for saxophone, chamber music and improvisation. In June 2007Peter obtained the diploma for Postgraduate Concert Soloist at the Royal Conservatory of Antwerpwith Hans De Jong. Furthermore he followed masterclasses with Hans De Jong, Claude Delangleand Rasscher Saxophone Quartet.Besides Thelema Trio, Peter’s the founder, composer, singer and saxophonist of his own death metal bandWound Collector. Champ d’Action often engages Peter for their contemporary and experimental projects.Since 2012 he also plays baritone saxophone in the balkan inspired street orchestra De Pandoeringand in the krautrock band Manngold De Cobre. This band released their first album in 2014. As asaxophone player he is very inspired by free music and improvisation, which led to variouscollaborations in the free music scene.These bands, ensembles and projects have brought him to halls all over Belgium, but also theNetherlands, Slovakia, Poland, Italy, France, Germany, Peru, the USA, China and Japan and he hadalso recorded several CD’s with them. Peter taught masterclasses and workshops himself in a.o.Lima and Arequipa in Peru, the University of Houston, Texas, Oklahoma University, University ofCentral Missouri, USA.As a saxophone and chamber music teacher Peter is connected to the Heilig Graf Institute inTurnhout and the academy Wijnegem Schilde Zoersel. He composes chamber music for manydifferent line-ups. A number of his works have been recorded by Thelema Trio, Ambrassband,Aardbeefman and Aranis. In 2015 his first musical for children was premiered in Melsele,Belgium, entitled “Muizenissen”. In June 2018 a second musical will be premiered.




Rik De Geyter
(Bb & bass clarinet)

Peter Verdonck






Rik De Geyter is currently clarinettist/bass clarinettist of the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra in Norway, assistant professor clarinet and bassclarinet at NTNU Institutt for Musikk in Trondheim and since 2011 is he assistant-teacher of Eddy Vanoosthuyse at the Royal Conservatory in Liège (Belgium).He is a former clarinettist of the Royal Band of the Belgian Guides, was a member of the EUYO (European Union Youth Orchestra) and played with the Brussels Philharmonic, Trondheim Sinfonietta, Trondheim Soloists, Württenbergisches Kammerorchester, Bergen Philharmonic, Alpaca Ensemble amongst others.As the clarinettist of Thelema Trio (21th century music), he performed on many stages including some tours in the USA and Norway. With his sister Griet De Geyter (soprano) and pianist Nicolas Callot, togheter Trio Meleas, he performs recitals regularly. Besides this ensembles is he an active chamber musician in all kinds of combinations, not scared of any experiment.As the chairman of ‘Dagen van de Huismuziek’ he organizes musical courses for youth.At the Lemmensinstitute in Leuven(Belgium), he studied with Eddy Vanoosthuyse and graduated as Master in Music in 2009 and Master-after-Master in 2013. In between he went to the Ghent conservatory where he studied bass clarinet with Marc Kerckhof.